Luxury Card Pack Mailer

Reach 300,000 high income homeowners in the Seattle area for a fraction of what a traditional postcard costs with our shared mailer product

Generate leads from WEALTHY homewners

We create a compelling luxury image for your brand printed on premium high gloss paper and utilizing our proprietary list algorithm to reach wealthy, single-family homeowners.

We make it easy for homeowners to RESPOND to your offer

Our Luxury Card Pack boasts an 84% open rate. Your offer is seen in the home at peak buying seasons with an eye-catching design and offer that creates a response.

Your offer has LONGEVITY

The average lifespan of direct mail is 17 days, compared to the average lifespan of an email which is only 17 seconds. Our postcards create a stand alone billboard that continues to advertise in the home.

TRACK your marketing performance to calculate return

Free call tracking and QR codes to measure how many appointments you set. Plus, we provide free match back analysis to discover which types of homeowners are converting.

Your business featured for about a NICKEL per home

Postage is the highest cost when sending out postcard mailers. With our Luxury Card Pack these costs are shared across many advertisers giving you a much lower cost per lead.

How Does Our Luxury Card Pack Work?

This turnkey, cooperative mail solution prints your offer on premium four-color, high gloss paper, and delivers it to homes in unique, clear packaging designed to standout in the mailbox.



300,000 homes in five targeted mailing zones.



We work with you to create your offer and card design.


Mail Dates

We mail five times per year at peak buying cycles.



We set up digital tools to measure marketing performance.

Zone Break Down


Our Design Process

Creating a compelling design starts with understanding your customer -- who they are, what their problem is, and how you solve it.

Front of Card

  • Heading

    The main heading needs to stand out on the card design and addresses the problem you are solving for the homeowner.

  • Image

    Finding an image that clearly depicts the problem you are solving or the way you are solving it can take some time, but is a very important part of our design process.

  • Offer

    We work with you to create an offer that is compelling and provides an incentive for homeowners to respond.

Back of Card

  • Benefits

    We help you focus on the benefit your are providing to the consumer in solving their problem, trying to stay away from listing features and technical descriptions.

  • Trust

    Providing proof that you are trustworthy is a critical aspect of getting a response. We help you build trust with personal images, customer reviews, or ratings.

  • CTA

    The best advertisement is useless if customers don't know how to respond. We make it easy with a clear Call-to-Action from phone numbers or QR codes.

2024 Mailing Schedule

Five Editions: February, April, June, August, October

Marketing Performance Tracking

We have decades of experience utilizing digital tools to help track, analyze and increase your marketing return on investment

Landing Page

We can build you a free landing page, which gives homeowners a way to find out more information and respond online.

Call Tracking

We provide a free call tracking number and analytics reporting to help you know how effecting your advertising is with RSVP.

QR Code

Homeowners are using QR Codes more and more as a convenient way to schedule an appointment or be directed to your website to find out more information.


Our research shows that web traffic increases substantially when RSVP is received by homeowners.  We will setup retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Google for any visitor that didn't fill out a lead form.

Free Services

The following services are included at no additional charge:

  • Graphic design

    We have years of experience creating designs that motivate a response.

  • Postcard proofs

    We work with you to arrive at the perfect design, proofed and ready to go.

  • Mailings list

    Our proprietary database mails to the top 40% homes in the Seattle area.

  • Printing

    High gloss, full color postcards that stand out in the homeowner's mailbox.

  • Postage

    All postage costs are included and your postcards are mailed directly to homeowners via USPS.

  • Tracking

    We provide unique call tracking numbers and QR codes that send traffic to your website or landing page.

  • ePosting

    We create an e-postcard listing on our website to help drive search engine responses to your website.

  • Landing page

    Landing pages provide a way for homeowners to find more information about your services with the ability to respond online.


Schedule a no obligation meeting to discuss your marketing plans and to see if RSVP might be a good fit to help you grow.